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Dateline: 1/12/00

Guides in 3D, Click for VRML

There are a whole bunch-o really cool sites here at About.com. So just for fun I've made up a couple of 3D scenes to access around 20 or so of them.

Clicking on the above image will take you to a VRML scene embedded in another HTML page. If you prefer you can click HERE to go to an unembedded version of the VRML scene. The VRML only version enables you to resize the new window to your desire. Once you are viewing the VRML simply click on one of the lovely faces to get to that Guide's site.

The world was created with TriVista's 3DImageScene product. It's one of my personal favorites for ease of use and the ability to rapidly create a scene of images. The tool let's you crop the images and specify URLs. It's amazingly robust at the limited types of worlds it lets your create.

If you don't have a VRML browser go get blaxxun's Contact, or ParallelGraphics Cortona, both excellent VRML browsers. If you're on a Mac get CosmoPlayer.

Another type of navigation is demonstrated with a framed world. Try it. Actually I lied and the other navigational world is also available as a framed world. Fun stuff! I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip through About.com.

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