AWABA Virtual Online World for Australian Kids

Dateline: 1/19/00


Reproduced with permission of Online Australia

The folks down under in the land of Oz, (Australia) have create an amazing world for kids, AWABA. AWABA is a social space. A 3D multiuser place for kids to socialize in the safety and with the freedom to explore and build. From the AWABA site:

"AWABA is a virtual reality world that has been built especially for students. It is free and there are simple instructions.

The word 'AWABA' is an Aboriginal word meaning flat or plain surface. AWABA is a space where you can experiment - you can build a house or a skyscraper in the sky, create furniture and modify the landscape. You can also meet and chat to people your own age."

AWABA was developed as part of Online Australia which is an activity of the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) within the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. It's a great example of an innovative government effort.

To access AWABA you download the AWABA browser, which is really a special version of the ActiveWorlds browser. Currently AWABA uses ActiveWorlds but other systems are being contemplated. AWABA was developed by Miriam English a well know and active 3D multiuser designer.

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