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Example Applications

Let's start with some classics. Lunatic Interactive, a master VRML content house in Germany has an example of a Sony Camcorder. The camera has some interactivity and you can turn it on and look at how the battery fits. If you are looking for software to help you create interactive E-Commerce objects, check out the folks at Cybelius Software. Their software is explicitly to create interactive objects perfect for E-Commerce application. Go to their Virtual Gallery for over a dozen examples of of interactive 3D objects.

TechniCon provides a large scale E-Commerce solution for office furniture. There's money out there. This is a large application oriented for professional buyers not the typical home consumer.

VRML is of course not the only 3D fish in the sea. MetaCreations is coming on strong with MetaStream. Take a look at Sony (gee they seem to be trying everybody's technology) VAIO Direct site which has a number of MetaStream examples. Lego is also using MetaStream to show off their totally cool MindStorms robot products. The big drawback to MetaStreams at the moment is the lack of interactivity. The objects load very quickly and look photo-realistic, but rumor has it that with MetaStream 3 interactivity is on the way. Lego, like other big sites, is experimenting with several 3D technologies. They are using Cult3D for highly interactive Lego block building.

Flatland's rover has been used for a number of E-Commerce applications. The French lingerie site Accueil, par example, lets one browse around but is not for the kiddies ;-) Speaking of lingerie, another interesting technique is demonstrated by the folks at Bras Direct. They use 360 degree photos (via QTVR) of real models that you can spin around for that careful purchase.

Another classic is the SharperImage Web site which uses 3D Dreams technology. Again the products are represented with good photographic detail and some fun interactivity. You can play a virtual CD in the shower. Superscape, a long time vendor of VR software, seems to be making a shift towards E-Commerce also. Their SeV gallery of objects and software addresses issues of fast download (they have a very nice seamless install process) along with interactive photo-realistic objects.

There are quite a few more examples of virtual showrooms and other types of environments for commerce. 3D for the big sale is happening now, get your credit cards ready!

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