Web3D RoundUp 2001, Paderborn
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Dateline: Feb 28, 2001

Timothy Childs starting the roundup

As usual one of the highlights if not THE highlight of the Web3D Conference was the Web3D RoundUp. Brought to us by that wrangling guy Timothy Childs this years even took place with a new format, video taped presentations. The good part about the video taped format was that is was short somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. The bad part was that people had a tendency to boo quicker since there was no one on stage to insult. Of course some of the video tapes were way too commercial and deserved the quick boos!

It was a fun time however and I must say the video tape itself was very professionally produced with snazzy intro titles for each presenter. In addition one exception to the video tape presentation was Ana DeAbreu on behalf of T-Nova Deutsche Telekom who entertained us with a few "OK"s! (note Ana is the "official" OK girl from last years Siggraph Web3D RoundUp)

The winner and still champion (by a mile) was Ed Sims and the folks from Vcom3D with their smashing Sign Language avatars. This year their demo has the avatar interact with a child drawing a two dimentional butterfly. First the child draws, in 2D the outlines of one wing then the avatar traces the other wing and the butterfly takes off in 3D. The avatar actually traces the 2nd wing by using inverse kinematics to have the hand follow the tracing path, simple and elegant! Congrats Vcom3D.

To get the full flavor of the event check out the photo gallery page.

Another great RoundUP congrats to all involved!

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