VRML at CeBit

Dateline: 3/24/99

Last week in Hannover Germany, CeBit the worlds largest exhibit of computing and telecommunications technology took place. Supposedly 650,000 people attend!! Seriously large.

Andrew Reitemeyer attended and was kind enough to write this report posted to the vrml list and even kinder to let me republish it here!

CeBit99 Report brought to you by Geometrek and MiningCo

CeBit is big, very big and in one day I only had time to see less than the half of the exhibits so if someone was there and I missed them sorry maybe next year. Blaxxun had very well done presentation of their multi user system with an emphasis on business solutions with a large screen showing Blaxxun's worlds and avatars to an interested public. www.blaxxun.com

Parallel Graphics where demonstrating their authoring tools - Internet Space Builder, Internet Scene Assembler, and Internet Character Animator they are easy and intuitive to use and priced at US$100 make a good addition to the tools for people starting out in VRML. The intermediate author as well could use this software to created models for use in professional VRML applications . Has a plug in for 3D Studio Max www.parallelgraphics.com

VR-Systems had Woerml on display which is a professional authoring tool to rival Cosmo Worlds and is priced at US$1000. A feature soon to be added is an optimization tool for models imported from 3D Studio Max - I saw this working - and was amazed. http://www.vst.de

Platinum were there and I just had to go and say how pleased I was at Cosmo going OS (open source). I met up with Danny Stefanic and Steffan Klein of 3d3.com and discussed multi-user VRML internet shops Geometrek will be bringing out in conjunction with them very soon. www.3d3.com

Living Systems were using VRML to represent an agent based internet auction system to great effect. The agents can act as auctioneer or bidders and the systems author, Eva Moch had made a very compelling demonstration in animated 3D. This firm has produced an agent based trading system for the German Stock Exchange. www.living-systems.com

Fa Me Facilities Management GmbH were using Deepmatrix shared object capability to show how 3D multi-user systems could be used in building management www.fame-online.de

Intel had a vast crowd of visitors captivated with their VRML demo and yes I asked the head of Intel Germany about the Object Viewer Applet license. He was rather non-plussed at the wording and asked me to get in touch with his legal department in Munich who would be able to pass the matter to Intel UK or US for clarification or amendment - here's hoping. BTW They are really very nice those Intel people, so I might just get a P3 when I can afford it :) www.intel.com kiwano (who has rather sore feet) http://home.t-online.de/home/kiwano4

Andrew Reitemeyer

Kia hora te marino
Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana
Kia tere te karohirohi

Well thanks again for the great info Andrew, now back to your regularly scheduled Guide :-)

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