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Community Server

The Community Server that comes with the Instant Community product is a cut down version of the full Community Server product. However this is not to imply that the functionality is wimpy. The Instant Community server is a robust system. It is configured to serve up to 50 simultaneous users in a virtual world. It comes with a complete set of management tools such as chat management, user management and a backup system.

The server itself comes in three flavors. Windows NT/2000, Linux or Solaris are all supported.

The server administration is entirely web-based. You are given a set of controls to examine server activity, generate statistics, member management and database management.

administrative front end

Web based administrative front end to Community Server.

The administrative controls let you generate user, place and bandwidth statistics for the month or on a daily basis.

administrative menu
Set of menu/navigation controls on Web based administration page.


Sample statistics generatated from admin tools.

The administrative controls did have some problems, due to the beta nature of the product I was testing however server and user administration is one of the great strength of this product. It's actually quite robust and clearly shows blaxxun long history of managing large multiuser environments. The administration tools is one of the main features that distinguishes this product from other multiuser tools which can only deal with toy environments.

Speaking of virtual environments, let's take a look at the authoring tools, bundled with the product.

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