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Authoring Tools

In addition to the actual server itself the Instant Community product includes two major authoring tools. First is Avatar Studio for creating avatars, and second is the World Builder for creating the environments. Avatar Studio is not a new product and has been around for around a year or so. It's even been reviewed here. Also make sure to check out the brand new course being offered by Cati Laporte at Avatardom.com.

Avatar Studio's animation dialog tools.

The Place Builder tool is a brand spanking new tool that enables the creation of virtual environments. The avatars are fun but they need a place to live and prop their virtual feet up! Place Builder leads you through a series of 8 steps to create a detailed virtual world.

Place Builder step menu
Place Builder's step by step menu leading users through the creation process.

It comes with a substantial amount of clip objects that you can simply drop right into the environment.

Place Builder
Place Builder a virtual worlds authoring/assembly tool.

The screen is broken into three major areas, a diagramatic overhead view of the entire world, a rendered 3D scene view, and a tabbed area filled with a variety of catagories of clip art. It's really a terrific tool for slapping together interesting and fairly complex environments. I particluarly like the way you add doors and windows by simply selecting the style of the door or window and then select the area of the wall to place the opening, via the diagramatic overview. Of course you can't create much interactivity to those objects but that could be added afterwards with another tool if desired.

Instant Community is the first turnkey 3D Virtual Worlds system. blaxxun has integrated a terrific suite of seperate products into a coherent 3D community system.

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