A SIGGRAPH 98 Travelogue

Dateline: 7/20/98

Well this week's feature is going to be a bit different. I'm off to SIGGRAPH 98, the premier computer graphics conference of the year. There will be a slew of VRML activities, and I'll be reporting them right here. So check back often to stay abreast of SIGGRAPH activities. This is the 25th anniversary so I'll expect lots of reminiscing and old-timers (like myself) to be milling around. My first SIGGRAPH was in 1978, it's a tad larger now :-)

Schedule of VRML Events

Thanks to the terrific work of the VRML Consortium and Eric Mason in particular, a schedule of VRML events is available at their site.

Sunday July 19

Monday July 20

Tuesday July 21

Wednesday July 22

Thursday July 23

Friday July 24

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