Adventures with the NYVRMLSIG

Dateline: 8/4/99

Chrysler Building

Last week I had the pleasure of joining the NYVRMLSIG (New York VRML Special Interest Group) in the Big Apple for an evening of 3D talk. The NYVRMLSIG is one of the most active VRML groups in the country and is led by Marjorie Stave, Mary Jo Fahey, and Kathy Forer whom I suppose we could collectively refer to as the "women of NY VRML" (now that's a straight line if ever I heard of one!) Kathy Forer (left) Mary Jo Fahey (right)

The big event of the evening was a visit to the Sony IMAX theater. The film of the night was a History of 3D. Th Sony movie is called "Encounter in the Third Dimension" and was a somewhat amusing, very childish history of 3D. While the movie may have lacked some style the presentation was top notch quality. The Sony glasstron glasses coupled with the high resolution of IMAX film displays some of the best quality 3D possible.
Waiting in 3D AnticipationSony should be very much applauded for bringing 3D back to the masses. Sony store front in web page styleEven the exterior window display's for Sony seem to have caught the Net style. Actually Sony's "wonderland" a display and store in midtown has all the new toys and a terrific museum type facility mostly for kids but of course those are usually the most interesting things for adults!
Cati Laporte and muralLast but not least another VRML New Yorker is the highly talented Cati Laporte. Cati's dancing avatars provide some of the more innovative uses of VRML. Why even her wall mural's are 3Dish.

Thanks to all the great NY VRML folks I'd highly recommend checking them out if you're in the neighborhood!

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