SIGGRAPH 2001 is Coming
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Dateline: August 15, 2001

It's almost time for SIGGRAPH 2001 week. It is being held in the beautiful Los Angeles Convention center. Personally I'm VERY thanksful the electric power situation in California seems to have leveled off. Although the thought of thousands of computer equipment vendors and tens of thousands of attendees coping with periodic power blackouts does strike me as amusing (ok I have a warped sense of humor). I'm off to SIGGRAPH 2001, remains THE conference for computer graphics of all types. From games, to high end animation to the best the technical world has to offer, not to mention current Web3D offerings, it's all there! So check back often to stay abreast of SIGGRAPH activities.

The convention center and surroundings.

convention center cool Apple murals
convention center convention center

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Wednesday and Thursday August 15-16

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