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Dateline: September 6, 2000

Well it's the season for going back to school, so it seems fitting to go over some of the best and most useful places to find tutorials about all things Web3D. So to refresh your memory of perhaps to bring you up to tutorial speed on with the links:

Certainly an oldie but still a goodie is the VRML Lighthouse Interactive Tutorial it's got a new home but the same great content.

There is of course the mother-of-all tutorial lists right here, which is a list developed and derived from the Content Development Working Group of the Web3D Consortium.

If you're looking to convert 3D StudioMax to VRML check out this excellent tutorial. Note that if you're looking for other translator information go to the translators page in our Authoring Tools section of this site.

Although not explicitly a tutorial, although there are some in there Rev. Bob Crispen'sVRMLWorks, is simply the best place for loads of concise advice on building VRML worlds.

The collection of tutorials at the VRML Repository is also quite good.

Last but not least is the other collection of Web3D Tutorials right here which contains over 70 links to VRML and other tutorials.

That's about it for this week's quickie article to help you get back into a schooling frame of mind.

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