3D, the Millenium and Y2K

Dateline: 12/29/99

GUESS WHAT! I haven't done a darn thing about Y2K. No bottled water. No extra cash. No canned spam. It's almost here! It's almost over! I really really really can't wait 'till all this stuff is over, done, finis.

So what does this have to do with 3D? Well there is Len Daley's Y2K History with VRML world. The history is informative and the VRML is sorta fun.

Next we have the y2k Village an "interactive 3D community" (can you believe it!). The site has a lot of rendered 3D images of a New England type town. Each image represents a venue and each venue contains Y2K info. Do you feel better now.

Just for jollies take my poll...please.


Mostly I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! I'm looking forward to bringing you the best 3D for the Web information on the Web. As always let me know what you'd like to see, who you'd like to hear from and anything else on your 3D minds.