Roku PhotoBridge HD Digital Media Player Compatible Art Packs

The Roku PhotoBridge HD 1000, available from Roku, offers you the ability to view slides utilizing the full resolution of your HDTV big screen display. Wouldn't it be nice to show off your TV with a gorgeous set of slides, a hidef screen saver of sorts. For only $9.95 you can download these amazing images all packaged up as a Roku compatible "Art Pack". Each collection of Art Packs comes with a musical accompanyment from Keith Adler which provide just the right ambience. The songs are available because Keith has declared them as available via the CreativeCommons licensing mechanism.

The order process is easy. Simply pay via PayPal (that's the only form of payment I accept) and I will email you a userid and password for you to download the content. It's that simple!
Very special offer...all 6 Art Packs (save $14.95)
TowPath Cassini Under the Sea
Earth As Art Space Art Hubble
Special offer...all 5 Art Packs except for Tow Path(save $10)
Cassini Under the Sea
Earth As Art Space Art Hubble
Chesapeake and Potomac Canal original photos
TowPath 1 TowPath 2 TowPath 3
Cassini in Space (42 images). Images from the Cassini spacecraft, primarily of Saturn
TowPath 1 TowPath 2 TowPath 3
Under the Sea, Images from NOAA the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (50 images)
Earth As Art (73 images)
earth as art earth as art earth as art
Space Art (40 images)
space art space art space art
Hubble Telescope (44 images)
hubble hubble hubble

If you have any questions please contact me: "sressler at", you know what to do with the "at".