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3D Graphics/Virtual Reality - An web site (no longer in existance)
Internationally recognized site on the current state of Web3D, 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality. Author of a weekly article about VRML, Web3D and 3D Graphics since Oct. 1997 totalling over 150 articles.

Open Virtual Reality Testbed

Open Virtual Reality Testbed
A leading government web site covering virtual reality and related NIST projects.

Anthropometric Landmarks of the Head

Anthropometric Landmarks of the Head
An innovative 3D glossary for anthropometric names and their placement on the head using Web3D technology.

Kinematics 'R Us

Kinematics 'R Us
An visual 3D explanation of a variety of kinematic joints.


A unique resource containing the only anthropometric measurements of children even surveyed in the United States, made available here for the first time.


QuickTime VR of NIST Sites
A variety of NIST sites illustrated using QuickTime VR's image based photography.

Break the Cycle

Maryland Proactive Community Supervision "Break The Cycle" CD-ROM and Web site.
An interactive CD-ROM with integrated animations and video for training. Web site contains all the content except for videos. Produced for the Bureau of Government Research, University of Maryland, College Park.


Anthropometric Glossary.
A 3D anthropometric glossary enabling the user to view each landmark in 3D in the context of a standing or seated in wheelchair body.

VRML Smartroom

Multiuser VRML world of Smartroom.
A 3D multiuser world (blaxxun) displaying the status of camera devices in a "smart" room environment at NIST.