blaxxun's Instant Community

Dateline: 4/12/00

blaxxun Instant Community install screen
blaxxun Installation screen

So you want to put one of those cool multi-user worlds on your Web site. You don't want to hire a crew of programmers to deal with it...blaxxun with their new Instant Community product claims to have just the ticket. Believe it or not and I was certainly skeptical, they do!

Instant Community is a cut down version of blaxxun's larger "Community Platform". It can't do everything the full product does, but it certainly is a great start. The best part is that Instant Community has a good set of default configurations for worlds, and avatars. You really can get a multi-user virtual world set up on your Web site, but a relative novice in less than a day. I did it myself!

While somewhat cut down from the full blaxxun community server and fast to install this is not for casual users as it's priced at approximately $7500. Let's look at the major components of the Instant Community product. There is the community server and authoring tools. First let's look at the community server

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